France has always been considered as one of the countries where one can indulge the senses. Home to some of the biggest names in fashion, perfumery, and even food, it is simply impossible to run out of things to do and try while in the country. And true enough, tourists from all over the world flock to France at all days of the year just to partake of its unique and sophisticated vibe that has caught the fancy of many people – connoisseurs and not alike.

Possibly one of the richest scenes in France is its gastronomic scene. Indeed, no visit to the country is complete without one enjoying a quiet afternoon in one of its numerous cafes or without scouting for some of the best restaurants in the country – or even the world.

But France is not only about its many Michelin restaurants. In case you find yourselves struggling to get a table or a reservation, you might want to check out some of France’s less known but equally charming and visit-worthy restaurants. One such restaurant which might escape your radar (but should totally try) is Chez Octave Restaurant.

Why visit Chez Octave Restaurant?

Chez Octave Restaurant Chez Octave Restaurant is nestled right in the very heart of the Cité de l’Habitat in Lutterbach, France. Lutterbach is a commune located in the north-eastern part of France and is part of the Mulhouse Alsace Agglomération. While most people regard French cuisine as high-class, fancy even, Chez Octave Restaurant offers a very different and distinctive experience, which accounts for the reason why tourists do not immediately flock to the restaurant. Nevertheless, those who do end up trying out what Chez Octave has to offer find themselves pleasantly surprise by the frankness and sincerity of the cuisine served at the restaurant. Chez Octave Restaurant, instead of focusing solely on local products to really sell out the “French vibe” (as a lot of restaurants are inclined to do in an effort to attract more tourists), features a variety of carefully curated products from all over the world in an effort to give casual diners and its patrons a one-of-a-kind experience. While eating at Chez Octave restaurant might not be what one envisions when eating at a French restaurant, it triggers nostalgic memories of lazy Sunday lunches at home. in certain occasions, Chez Octave Restaurant also serves as an avenue by which restaurant goers can try out more exotic food offerings. Unlike most restaurants with signature dishes and menu mainstays, Chez Octave Restaurants regularly vary their menu depending on the season and the availability of fresh produce.

Chez Octave Restaurant is still a fairly new restaurant, having been established only in 2016 under the baton of Adrien Gontard. This restaurant attempts to cater to a whole range of diners – be it businessmen or young tourists who just want to enjoy French cuisine without going broke. The interiors of Chez Octave Restaurant is truly commendable, seeing as it provides restaurant goers with options as to where they want to eat. For example, some diners may opt to eat on the ground floor (perfect for dropping in for a quick bite while in-between strolls). Those who want to chill out for a bit while enjoying a good meal with friends might want to enjoy a more bistro atmosphere at the restaurant’s shaded terrace. One may also opt to go upstairs and enjoy the cozy interiors at the mezzanine, perfect for trying out some of the more gourmet offerings of the restaurant. Given the restaurant’s space, restaurant goers have the option of mingling with other diners or have a nice, private meal with business colleagues, family, or friends.

A lot of people are intimidated by French restaurants, mostly because of the perception that French cuisine is fancy and, as such, is very pricey. This is not the case for Chez Octave Restaurant. The meals are quite affordable, with seasonal starters costing €5, beef dishes costing €21.50, bistro dishes costing €15, and desserts and cheese platters costing €8 to €9.

Chez Octave RestaurantAs previously mentioned, the restaurant’s menu varies depending on the produce in season. Hence, the menu also varies daily, providing its patrons with something new to try everyday. In addition, Chez Octave Restaurant also provides various packages for different events and occasions. Aside from their lunch and dinner offerings which vary on a daily basis, the restaurant also carries a business menu,a  children’s menu, and even group menus for those who want to try out what the restaurant has to offer without shelling out too much cash in the process.

Despite being in an off-beat location in a commercial mall complex, Chez Octave Restaurant is nothing to joke about in terms of gastronomic experience. If anything, the restaurant’s proximity to other frequent tourist locations makes it all the more attractive to individuals looking for a place where they can enjoy a nice, affordable meal.

How to contact Chez Octave Restaurant?

Chez Octave Restaurant is located 1 route de Thann, La Cite de l’Habitat, 68460 Lutterbach, France. For inquiries and reservations, they may be contacted at 03 89 525 073 or sent an email through their website at The restaurant has varying hours. On Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays, Chez Octave Restaurant is open from 12:00 noon to 2:00 PM. On Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, the restaurant has longer hours and is open from 12:00 noon to 2:00 PM for lunch, and again from 7:00 PM to 9:30 PM for dinner. Chez Octave Restaurant is closed on Sundays.

If you ever find yourself in Lutterbach, then Chex Octave Restaurant is certainly one of the restaurants you should try out. It has a great vibe, a dynamic and ever fresh food offerings, and, most importantly, a very affordable menu. While it will not give you the whole “French vibe” often peddled in movies, what it does offer are hearty meals reminiscent of homecooked dishes made from vegetables grown right in your backyard. And with the menu changing everyday, you certainly will not grow tired of what this restaurant has to offer.